Find Your Way Out Of Casa Loma in Toronto’s Newest Escape Room

Experience Casa Loma like never before

Maybe you went to Casa Loma on a school Field Trip when you were younger, but Toronto’s latest escape room lets you see Toronto’s most prolific castle like never before.

The people who created Toronto’s Real Escape Game joined with Liberty Entertainment Group, the new owners of Casa Loma, to create what could be the city’s most interesting and thrilling escape game. Rather than using constructed environments, Escape from the Tower is Toronto’s first escape game that takes place inside of an actual Castle. Creepy right?

The game places you in 1941, amidst the intelligence race in World War Two between the Allies and Germany. As part of the Anti-Submarine Detection Research Center, you have 60 minutes to find your enemy’s U-boats and communicate their locations to your allies.

As the company states, the game is a blends fact and fiction, using the castle’s real history. Casa Loma was actually used as an undercover research center for anti-submarine detection during World War Two. Who knew the castle had such a badass past in Toronto’s history? The game opens to the public on August 12th.

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Happy escaping, friends!