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Finding Love At El Callejon Del Beso: The Alley of The Kiss

El Callejon Del Beso Is Known As The Alley Of The Kiss

Narrow alleys seem to be a romantic thing of the past… these days they’re much wider and optimized for function. However, back in the day in Central Mexico, alleys were narrow as heck and optimized for kissing. Such is the case with El Callejon del Beso, the Alley of the Kiss.

There’s an area in the city of Guanajuato with many narrow streets and alleys. However, El Callejon del Beso is so narrow that residents living on opposite sides of the alley can kiss each other from their balconies.

el callejon del beso
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This is exactly why the alley itself is called Alley of the Kiss. These days, Instagram photo ops dominate the vacations of many tourists. Because of this, hundreds of couples wait at this famous spot for their opportunity to stand on the third step underneath the balconies and share a kiss.

Legend has it that couples who kiss on the third step will enjoy fifteen years of relational bliss. As you can imagine, the city of Guanajuato is packed with tourists every February as hopeful couples line up for their pic on Valentines Day.

How Did The Charming City Of Guanajuato Get Its Reputation?

el callejon del beso
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As is the case with most romantic superstition, there’s usually a love story behind it all. In this case, there were two lovers who used to steal kisses across their balconies. The girl, named Dona Carmen, was the daughter of a rich business man from Spain. Her lover went by the name of Luis. Sadly in this case for Luis, he came from a poor miner’s family.

As you can imagine, Dona’s father wasn’t too keen on the relationship. He forbid his daughter to see Luis. Luis, however, couldn’t be deterred so easily. He rented a small room across from Dona’s. The couple would meet at all hours of the night, and make out until the early morning across the narrow alley.

One night, Dona’s father discovered her and her lover. He was furious, and in a state of total anger he stabbed his own daughter in the chest. Jerk. Anyways, as the story goes, Luis tried to save her by jumping across the balcony. However, Luis is kinda unlucky… he tripped and fell. He broke his neck from the fall, landing on the third step.

Dona’s bedroom is now a gift shop. Visitors to the fateful spot can walk onto the terrace where she met her demise and write their names on small locks which attach to metal bars on the balcony.

Fifteen Years Good Luck

el callejon del beso
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The reward for waiting in line, superstition states, is that when you kiss on the third stair where Luis met his sad fate you will have 15 years of happiness with your partner. I realize this is just a superstition, but I’m tempted to have a philosophical debate with the idea itself.

I’ll leave that for a different day.

How To Visit El Callejon Del Beso

el callejon del beso
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Walking around in Guanajuato is beautiful and liberating. It’s retained some of the traditional charm that so many cities are missing in Mexico these days. Taking a walking tour can help you to know and feel a part of Mexican history.

And of course you can visit the Alley of the Kiss! The good news is you can fly to Guanajuato, Mexico, and it’s not that far from Toronto. It’ll take you about seven hours, and as of the writing of this article, will cost you around $800 CAD. Not bad!

From there, you’ll have so many options for tours. The beauty with these is that you can customize them to add in a lot of other cool things, like dining experiences and other sights that will stay with you forever.

Where To Stay

el callejon del beso
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The AirBNBs here are apparently amazing! Check here for a direct link, and you’ll see that there’s a variety of options of places to stay… at all different budgets.

If you’d like more of a full-service option, and you want to stay in a hotel, go here. The hotels, as well as the AirBNBs have lots of character, and there are some English-speaking locals who can help you around. Or, feel free to brush up on your Spanish for the real-deal experience.

Best of luck to you and your lover. May you have even more than 15 years of happiness!


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