Fiona Apple to donate proceeds from ‘Shameika’ and ‘Heavy Balloon’ to charity

She's donating $100,000, in addition to television and movie royalties from the tracks

Fiona Apple is set to donate the proceeds from two Fetch the Bolt Cutters tracks to charity.

According to the Fiona Apple Rocks Tumblr, Apple will be donating all proceeds from television and movie placements for “Shameika” and “Heavy Balloon” to charity for the next two years. The royalties from “Shameika” will go to the Harlem Children’s Zone, and that of “Heavy Balloon” will go to Seeding Sovereignty.

Apple urged fans to “tag music supervisors” in a handwritten note. “I will still give each organization I mentioned here fifty thousand dollars if no one ends up requesting use of these songs. BUT I will be able to give a lot more if I can earn some of that Hollywood cash, so here’s hoping, here’s trying and that’s that, I guess!”