Fire Up The Death Star With This Star Wars Themed Fire Pit

The force is strong with this one

Attention Star Wars fans! Summer is around the corner and this new Death Star fire pit will add that special something to your backyard.


Reddit user alphacodemonkey posted his new Death Star fire pit, which he won in an auction by a local high school welding class.


According to Digital Trends this is not the first Death Star inspired fire pit in existence. 84-year-old Kenneth Triplett built one for his granddaughter last year. Not knowing very much about Star Wars, Triplett, relied on pictures from his granddaughter and the help of a Native American artist.


After his granddaughter shared pictures of the new pit on reddit, she received several requests to purchase one. The duo then opened an Etsy page, though the Death Star comes at a steep price. The 30-inch diameter pit costs you a whopping $1000 and 37.5-inch pit costs $1300 – but it’s guaranteed to be the talk of your patio parties.

(Photos courtesy of alphacodemonkey via imgur)