Fishermen Find Giant Squid That’s Probably The Mythical Kraken In Their Nets

Sea creature lives off the coast of Ireland

A group of Irish fishermen captured a giant sea creature in their nets by accident — for the second time in a year.

In the waters near Irelands’s Dingle coast, fishing boat the Cú na Mara set out nets, close to where they were the first time they caught a giant squid. They were amazed to find a 18-foot long giant squid, which are extremely rare.

The previous giant squid they caught was larger than this one, measuring in at a whopping 20 feet from tentacle to top. According to a tweet by a reporter, only seven have been captured in Ireland’s 350 year history — incredibly four of them by the Flannery family!

Although The Flannery’s catch is a big one, Giant Squids, or Architeuthis who are primarily a deep-ocean animal, can grow to upwards of 12 meters long.