Five Great Toronto Instagrammers

5 accounts we follow...that you should too

There are a number of great Toronto Instagrammers posting about everything from food to fashion to of course, music on any given day in Toronto.

Read on for a list of some of our favourite Toronto Instagrammers. This isn’t a comprehensive list. Think of it more as a cross-section. One of the people on this list has over 200,000 followers, others hover around the 200 mark. It shows a range of who is out there capturing life around our wonderful city.

Who is your favourite instagrammer?

Bio: kael Be excellent to each other Toronto iPhone only

Punkodelish is Kael Rebick, a talented iPhone 5 photographer with almost 300,000 follower. Rebick is determined to capture the beauty of the city everyday. What’s really breathtaking are the landscapes captured by her lens, especially recently. Rebick transforms our city into a wonderland.

Bio: Anabela Piersol Kate Bush enthusiast

Crafting, donuts, glitter, succulents and of course, cats. What would an instagram list be without cats? Anabela’s photos have the same aesthetic as her blog and totes do: airy, girly, and light. Her photos are soft on the eyes and so deserving of that double click.

Acquired Taste Magazine
Bio: (AcqTaste). A print & digital publication exploring the human ingredients behind food culture. Made in Canada. Since 2007. Photos by Chuck Ortiz.

Don’t just expect food porn (though you’ll get that too). This local magazine is dedicated to food culture: the people who make it for a living, the places we eat, travel and more. Their latest Instagram project is #thecoffeeproject where guest instagrammers from around the world photograph their coziest café moments.

Toronto Blue Jay
Bio: Home is Here.

Having absolutely nothing to do with the baseball team, Toronto Blue Jay’s photos are unreal cityscapes, as if brought to life with a painter’s brush.

Katie Stelmanis
Bio: LaLa

It seems Austra is always on tour lately and what better way to get behind-the-scenes footage than from one of the band members? Katie shares Austra’s journeys both near and far through her Instagram feed and it’s a mix of magic and silly antics.