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Five Musical Leapers

Remember, nothing that happens on Leap Day counts. Except for Ja Rule.

Being born on February 29, the rarest of all birthdates, creates something of a suspended adolescence. It is the date that comes once every four years.

“The law of averages means your chance of being born on Feb. 29 are one out of 1,461,” said the founder of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, explaining that 1,461 equals 365, or the number of days in the year, times four, plus one for the extra day in the four-year cycle. “We figure in the U.S., there’s about 200,000 of us, and in the world, about 5 million.”

That’s a lot of numbers! Let’s celebrate some of the most famous musical leapers.

MARK FOSTER (32-years-old OR 9-years-old)

Before the pumped up kicks, Mark was a commercial jingle writer, once approached by Dr. Dre’s Aftermath for his musical talents. Nowadays, the Cleveland-born boy is seen performing with Vampire Weekend and Run The Jewels at a pre-caucus fundraiser for Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. Another album is coming down the line, which Mark has described as more hip-hop, proving that Dre knows best.


JA RULE (40-years-old OR 11-years-old)

Jeffrey Atkins is best known for his success in the heyday of Murder Inc., his collaborations with Ashanti and for always being there on time. He recently announced that he is working on his eighth and final album, COUP DE GRÂCE.

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SAUL WILLIAMS (44-years-old OR 12-years-old)

Saul Williams is the poet laureate of hip-hop. He has vocalized a jazz-like artistic approach to talk about technology, exploitation, militarism and pop culture for two decades. In many ways, he’s the intellectual cousin to the mainstream outputs of Kendrick and Kanye. His recent release, “Martyr, Loser, King” is a collection of poems and a graphic novel that navigates the chaos of our contemporary political climate. It’s intense and catchy.

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CHRIS CONLEY (35-years-old OR 10-years-old)

Saves The Day’s front-ginger Chris Conley is celebrating the big 1-0 this year! Ah, those jokes do not get old. Known for their anthemic hooks, the New Jersey-bred emo-punk band were cross-genre royalty, beside labelmate Jimmy Eat World. They were a big deal to a lot of people. They hit the road with the tracklisting of your older brother’s high school mixtape: Dashboard Confessional, Weezer, Green Day and blink-182. This past month, Conley has been on tour with members of Alkaline Trio, Bayside, Hot Rod Circuit and The Get Up Kids, where he recently exploded upon a chatty crowd, demanding respect.


TONY ROBBINS (56-years-old OR 15-years-old)

Okay. So maybe you wouldn’t consider the iconic motiviational speaker to be a musician, but maybe you just haven’t seen seen his performance of Tears For Fears’ “Shout”:


Important note: Don’t forget to wear your blue and yellow to celebrate Leap Day Williams!


(Cover image by Kyra Howell via Flickr)

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