Five of Toronto’s Best 24-Hour Diners

Scenes from a Torontonian restaurant

Sometimes Toronto can be a rather sleepy city, but at least we have a seemingly endless list of 24-hour restaurants for your face to be stuffed in an after-hour, hunger rampage. For all of your greasy eaters, we’ve got the plates that you’re looking for.

These are a handful of options that you can count on being open, even when you do not need them to be.


This glorious establishment has been alive since 1932 and with Nachos Tom Cruise, it is for good reason. The Lakeview is located on Dundas West, the ground zero for late night eats, such as Junked, Mr. Flamingo and Hanmoto. Worth noting that their four dollar caesars are within stumbling distance from the Dakota Tavern and the Garrison. Freedom Toast!

The Morgan Baskin burger! Two veggie patties, two slices of Canadian cheddar, homemade smoky BBQ sauce, baby spinach, and our favourite part: DORITOS! Comes with a glass of cherry Kool-Aid! Available Monday!!

Posted by The Lakeview Restaurant on Sunday, September 14, 2014



If you’re looking for a side order of luxury, there’s no better choice than this chic locale at the Thompson Hotel. They provide decadent menu items like grilled cheese burgers and truffled double mac and cheese, which always come in substantial portions. It’s a classic diner with a dosage of King West.



Fran’s is a Toronto institution. There are several locations: Yonge & College, Victoria & Shuter and Yonge & Front. Although they have an extensive menu, it’s their all-day breakfast that defends their reputation. Retro booths and sticky menus are all a part of the experience.



If you’re not about the breakfasts and greasy eats and you’re more about the steaming bowls of Korean stews and sizzling rice pots, then Owl of Minerva in Koreatown is your jam! It impresses with renditions of Korean classics like bibimbap, kimchi rice with most plates costing less than $10.

Nửa đêm đói bụng không ngủ dc 🙁 󾆿󾆿󾆿

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Found in Yorkville, each floor has a different vibe that consists of a club, lounge, bar and cafe. No matter the stage of life, cozy romantic nights or boozy frat years, its menu and atmosphere ranges enough to cater your desires. Known for their pita pizza, gourmet cake and overflowing comfort food – why are we still talking? Plan a visit to this old Victorian townhome.


(Cover photo courtesy of Frans Restaurant via Facebook.)