Five Reasons Why You Should Quit Christmas

Call me a Scrooge or a Grinch, just don't make me listen to any more songs by Boney M!

#1 You’re not 12 anymore.
Do you really want to wake up at the crack of dawn on your day off? Why not get a good night’s sleep before you start drinking again. And if there’s ever a man in a red suit breaking into your house you should probably call the cops.

#2 You don’t need more stuff.
Most gifts are given out of a feeling of obligation without consideration for whether they’re needed or even wanted. Half of them will end up in a box in your basement or storage locker, and before you know it you’re on an episode of hoarders.

#3 It’s hard on the planet.
In an age where we should be focused on conservation why do we throw away millions of pounds of boxes, wrapping paper and plastic packaging in a single day? Not to mention the millions of hi-tech devices that will all be obsolete in 12 months, just in time for you to buy the newer version! Yay?


It’s a lot of work.
The tree, the lights, the decorations, the shopping, the travelling, the cooking, the cleaning, isn’t there something else you’d rather be doing? Not to mention the web of lies you have to tell around the holidays – “Mmm, this boiled cabbage casserole is so good.” “Oh wow, this pug-shaped candy dish is exactly what I wanted” Christmas is turning you into a dirty filthy liar.


It turns kids into brats.

Why do parents feel guilty if they don’t wait in a lineup to pay an exorbitant price for the “must-have” toy of the year? And then if they don’t get what they want the kids are justified in having a Christmas morning sh*t fit? Maybe Timmy needs a time out.