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Five Songs Without a Chorus Pt. 2

A chorus, or a reoccurring set of bars after a verse, is common in the vast majority of mainstream music. However, some artists may choose to deviate from the norm and leave out the chorus altogether. Here are some songs that don’t have a chorus, but they’re so good anyway that it really doesn’t matter.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

This classic track is a favourite of karaoke goers everywhere. This six-minute song has several sections to it: an intro, an operatic passage, a ballad segment, a rock part, and a coda. The only thing it doesn’t have? A chorus.


Modern Baseball – Tears Over Beers

There are several verses in this song, told in a way similar to how someone would narrarte a story. Other than the final line of this song, “leaking tears over beers once again,” being repeated twice at the very end as the song fades, out this song has zero repetition, meaning there is no chorus.


Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

Other than the occasional “oooh,” this track has no repeating lyrics. Some verses are also similar sounding. There is a signature guitar part can be heard at varying parts of this nearly 10-minute song as well, but still no real chorus.


PJ Harvey – Down by the Water

This song has two verses, a bridge, and a very long outro. The outro is the last minute of the song, with a voice whispering the same sentence over again while it slowly fades out. If this phrase was reoccurring before and between the verses, it would be a chorus. But since it only shows up at the end, it is an outro and this song is another chorus-free track.


Flatsound – In The Absence of Everything, I Promise to Keep You Warm

Over the years, Flatsound has been known for writing music in an unconventional style. This song features three verses, with a bridge connecting the last two. There is also a synthesized instrumental outro. There’s no chorus, but you won’t miss it, but who needs one when you’ve got a xylophone playing delicately in the background?

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