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FKA twigs details alleged Shia LaBeouf abuse

FKA twigs has opened up about her alleged experiences of abuse by actor Shia LaBeouf.

Twigs opened up a legal case against the actor at the end of 2020, citing a “relentless” abusive relationship, where she accused LaBeouf of sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress.

Now, in an interview with Elle, FKA twigs has detailed the events for the first time, which includes LaBeouf keeping a loaded gun in their room, frequently threatening her, and forcing her to watch gruesome scenes of women being murdered on true crime documentaries.

“What I went through with my abuser is, hands down, the worst thing (I’ve experienced) in the whole of my life. Recovering has been the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do,” Twigs explains to Elle. “People wouldn’t think that it would happen to a woman like me. The biggest misconception is, ‘Well, you’re smart. If it was that bad, why didn’t you leave?’ It can happen to anyone.”

At the beginning of their relationship, the musician would push back against LaBeouf’s behaviour, and he would then begin respond with “really aggressive love.” After that, the two moved in together, which is when “the abuse really escalated.”

Eventually, LaBeouf denied FKA twigs the ability to contact her friends, family, and ex-partner.

“If you’re not talking to your friends or your family about what you’re going through, then there’s no one to regulate your emotions or affirm how you’re feeling. There’s no one to tell you that you’re in a dangerous situation. He made me feel like I wasn’t allowed joy, basically. That’s what it boils down to: I wasn’t allowed joy unless it directly revolved around him.”

After realizing that he had knowingly given her an STI, FKA twigs says that she began the process of ending the relationship.

“I know (this journey) is not going to be perfect,” Twigs says. “But I hope if I can make little steps, and people can see me taking my life back, it will inspire them. I’ve given (LaBeouf) back his dysfunction now.”

Read the interview in full here.

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