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Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew Is The Newest Oddball Flavour Mashup To Hit The Shelves

Yep, You Read That Right: Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew Is Here

Just when I thought an Elton John / Dua Lipa mashup was obscure, along came Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew.

Thinking about such a drink, what comes to mind? For me, I get confused. Isn’t Mountain Dew cool and refreshing? Aren’t Flamin’ Hot Cheetos spicy and crispy?

When it comes to flavour collaborations within massive organizations, it doesn’t seem that they need to make sense. Both brands – Cheetos and Mountain Dew – are owned by PepsiCo, so the combo is actually logical from a corporate perspective.

The “Flamin’ Hot” offshoot of the Cheetos brand has been around since 1990, and both Mountain Dew and Cheetos have been part of the PepsiCo fam since the 1960s. When you look at it like that, it’s actually surprising that it took so long for the two flavours to merge in spicy matrimony.

What Does Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Soda Taste Like?

flamin hot Mountain Dew
Image: @dew_or_die_ on Instagram

The beverage is supposedly spicy, or at least you’d think it was spicy. Alas, it’s not. It’s dark orange, tastes a lot like Mountain Dew, and basically has no heat whatsoever.

Especially with the current rage around spicy products, and things like the Paqui One Chip Challenge you’d expect some kind of a burn. However, unlike Blue Heat Takis, which we did a post on earlier, there seems to be no ‘hot’ at all to the supposedly ‘hot’ drink.

Basically, it tastes exactly like regular Mountain Dew if you crushed a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto into it.

Flamin Hot Mountain Dew Ingredients

flamin hot Mountain Dew
Image: @flaminhotbrotherhood on Instagram

As per the company’s website, the drink combines the sweet, citrus flavour of Dew with the spicy, kicked-up flavour of Flamin’ Hot.

As far as the ingredients go, do you really want to know?

  • carbonated water
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • natural flavour
  • citric acid
  • gum arabic
  • sodium benzoate
  • caffeine

There are a few other ingredients, but that’s the bulk of this strangely-coloured, weirdly flavoured mashup drink.

Is It A Permanent Flavour?

flamin hot Mountain Dew
Image: @tigrisignis on Instagram

The flavour is no longer available.

In fact, it was only for sale on the Mountain Dew website for an hour on August 31, 2021. The company ran out of stock of this obscure item very quickly. So as much as you may want this soda that’s not actually hot at all but is a strange, alien kind of orange, sadly you’re out of luck.

Where To Find Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mountain Dew

flamin hot Mountain Dew
Image: @professorfoods on Instagram

Great news! If you’re super into this product and you want to check it out, you can get yourself a single can for around $40 on Amazon!

And if you don’t want to do that (entirely understandable) Mountain Dew recommends following their social media accounts with a watchful eye so you’ll know as soon as the next batch becomes available.

Best of luck!

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