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Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne announces line of brain-shaped weed gummies and 4/20 space-bubble show

Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne has announced a new line of brain-shaped cannabis edibles and a new space-bubble show to celebrate 4/20.

The indie giants have been performing live shows in their hometown of Oklahoma City that sees the band and members of the audience taking to the giant inflatable space bubbles that Coyne has been using for years. In celebration of the launch of Coyne’s custom cannabis brand Love Yer Brain, they’ll be performing yet another one of these epic concerts at Criterion, where they’ll play American Head in full.

Alongside the announcement, Flaming Lips have shared a new video for “At The Movies On Quaaludes,” which you can watch below.

Coyne named Love Yer Brain after one of Flaming Lips’ tracks from 1987’s Oh My Gawd. The brand will sell THC-infused gummies that are shaped like brains, and they will come in flavours like watermelon, green apple, and raspberry.

A press release reveals that Coyne’s brain edibles are “focused on unlocking creativity.”

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