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The Flatwoods Monster Museum Is A Curious West Virginia Stop

Unveiling the Flatwoods Monster Museum: West Virginia’s Mysterious Attraction

In West Virginia lies a town with a tale to tell, a legend that has captivated generations: the Flatwoods Monster. The Flatwoods Monster Museum, situated in Sutton, West Virginia, stands as a testament to this enigmatic creature’s legacy, drawing visitors from far and wide to explore its exhibits and unravel the mysteries surrounding the infamous encounter of September 12, 1952.

The Legend of the Flatwoods Monster in West Virginia

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The Flatwoods monster, also known as the Braxton County monster or Braxie, is deeply ingrained in West Virginia folklore. The tale originates from a sighting on that fateful September night when witnesses reported a bright object streaking across the sky and landing near the property of local farmer G. Bailey Fisher. What ensued was a series of encounters with a tall, humanoid figure with a distinctive red face, sparking widespread curiosity and speculation.

Inside the Flatwoods Monster Museum: Exhibits and Lore

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Step into the Flatwoods Monster Museum, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of unique collections, artifacts, and memorabilia that bring the legend to life. From historic items to interactive displays, the museum offers visitors a glimpse into the events of that unforgettable night in 1952 and the subsequent impact on local folklore and culture. Souvenirs such as shirts, stickers, and books are also available for purchase, ensuring visitors can take a piece of the mystery home with them.

The Flatwoods Monster Spawn: Exploring the Myth

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Over the years, investigations into the Flatwoods monster encounter have yielded various interpretations and explanations. While some attribute the sighting to natural phenomena such as meteors and barn owls, others maintain that there may be more to the story than meets the eye. Regardless of one’s perspective, the legend of the Flatwoods monster continues to intrigue and fascinate both believers and sceptics alike.

Visitor Experiences at the Flatwoods Monster Museum

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Visitors to the Flatwoods Monster Museum can expect an immersive and self-guided exploration of the legendary creature’s history and lore. With engaging exhibits, informative videos, and a diverse selection of souvenirs available for purchase, guests can delve into the mystery of the Flatwoods Monster at their own pace.

Reviews: What Visitors Are Saying

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Curious about the experiences of others at the Flatwoods Monster Museum? Here’s what visitors have to say about their time exploring this unique attraction:

  • “This museum is really neat. It has everything spooky. There are different figures you can buy that look like the Flatwoods Monster. There is also a video documentary playing that tells about the discovery of the monster.”
  • “Loved it! Alot of really cool things to look at. I got some great stuff in the gift shop. And the building itself (wood work shelves) is amazing.”
  • “This was an excellent detour on my way to Pittsburgh through West Virginia. I drove past a sign that said ‘Flatwoods’ and remembered a podcast I had listened to recently about the Flatwoods Monster so googled it. Sure enough this was the…”
  • “Must visit if in the area and you like cryptozoology stuff. Friendly staff. Lots to see.”

The Cultural Impact of the Flatwoods Monster

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The legend of the Flatwoods monster has left an indelible mark on West Virginia’s cultural landscape. From annual festivals to roadside attractions, the creature’s legacy endures, captivating the imaginations of locals and visitors alike. Its influence has even extended into popular media, with references appearing in video games, music, and television.

Celebrating the Unknown: Flatwoods Monster Festival

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Each year, the town of Flatwoods commemorates its legendary resident with the Flatwoods Days festival, a celebration of all things mysterious and otherworldly. Visitors flock to the town to participate in festivities, including guided tours, guest speakers, and themed events, paying homage to the enduring allure of the Flatwoods monster.

Planning Your Journey to the Flatwoods Monster Museum

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For those eager to embark on their own Flatwoods adventure, planning a visit to the Flatwoods Monster Museum is a must. Located at 208 Main Street in Sutton, the museum is easily accessible by car and welcomes visitors year-round. Be sure to check the museum’s operating hours and any special events before your visit to make the most of your experience. There are numerous hotels and campgrounds in the area including:


  1. Days Inn and Suites
  2. Elk River Hotel and Café
  3. Microtel Inn & Suites
  4. Elk Motor Court
  5. Sutton Lane Motel
  6. Motel 79


  1. Baker’s Run Campground
  2. Bee Run Campground
  3. Gerald R Freeman Campground
  4. Flatwoods KOA
  5. Bulltown Campground
  6. Riffle Run Campground

Directions and Tips: Where is the Flatwoods Monster Museum?

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The Flatwoods Monster Museum is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Sutton, just two miles from Exit 62 on I-79. Visitors can find ample street parking nearby, with additional parking available in the lot beside the Elk Theatre. Be sure to follow signage and directions carefully, as GPS may lead to confusion due to similar street names in the area.

Is The Museum Free To Visit?

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Yes, admission to the Flatwoods Monster Museum is free of charge, allowing visitors of all ages to explore its exhibits and learn about the legendary creature that has captured the imagination of so many. Souvenirs and merchandise are available for purchase in the gift shop, offering a unique memento of your Flatwoods adventure

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