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Fleece share dreamy new album ‘Stunning & Atrocious’

In our interview with Fleece, we asked them what we could expect from the new album, to which they responded “go in there with an open heart, open ears and an open mind and you’re going to find what you’re looking for”, and we certainly did.

Stunning & Atrocious is the Montreal-based quartet’s third full length album following their 2015 debut Scavenger and 2017’s sophomore Voyager. However, the new record sees Fleece reborn, sonically and holistically.

Describing the new album as dreamy would be an understatement. The 14 tracks are unique, dynamic and striking. Hypnotic electric riffs, infectious key-led rhythms and confident vocals flood the 14 tracks while lyrically commenting on the duality of the human experience: the stunning and the atrocious.

Stream Stunning & Atrocious below.

On the transformation of Fleece, lead singer Matt Rogers revealed:

“At the beginning, there were 5 members and it was a completely different band. We were 18-year-olds and kind of a band of bros. We really had no idea what Fleece was, we were just playing and having fun. As we we’ve gone further, Fleece sonically and emotionally became more communicative as a whole as Megan and Jameson joined the band a couple years later. Making sure everyone was on the same page and together became a really important thing and I think that’s really blended into our sound.”

While Fleece celebrate the release of their new record they are also readying to hit the road again. On September 5th they begin their Stunning & Atrocious tour spanning the United States.

Most recently they have added 5 Canadian dates including one in Toronto at the Velvet Underground on November 11th.

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