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Flying Peacock Images Are Popping Up And Revealing That Nobody Knew Peacocks Could Actually Fly

Ever Heard Of A Flying Peacock? Neither Have Most People On The Internet Apparently 

Peacocks are gorgeous. Stunning, really. They may be among the hottest birds in the whole bird world. The way they strut around looking all fancy, it’s like they don’t even need to fly in order to maintain their status as the fanciest bird ever. However, much to the surprise of… nearly everyone on the internet, a flying peacock is a thing.

So now, knowing the answers to how high can peacocks fly and how far can peacocks fly, let’s dig into some facts on this glorious bird.

Yep, Despite Their Massive Size, Peacocks Can Definitely Fly

flying peacock
Image: @capturewithhk on Instagram

Peacocks can fly. I think we’ve covered that. But why is it so surprising anyway?

Part of the reason most people don’t know about the flying peacock (which is the same as the regular peacock) is that their feathers are just so huge. Their tail feathers are so long they can form a literal halo over their heads. And the colours are so vibrant they turn heads wherever they go.

So why would this bird even need to fly?

That’s not really the question, tbh. Peacocks are not flightless birds. In fact, they need to fly because even though they’re so beautiful, they’re still prey to different predators who may be attracted by their super attractiveness.

Unlike ostriches, emus, and rheas (those are all flightless birds) the peacock is a member of the Phasianidae family. This family of birds can all fly, and include the chicken, the quail, pheasants, turkeys, and partridges.

But How High Can Peacocks Fly?

If you’re wondering: “how high can peacocks fly?”, you may be surprised.

Sadly, most domestic peacocks have their wings clipped, which prevents them from flying at all. However, even with their wings clipped, peacocks can jump up to eight metres.

When it comes to flying, these birds are unique in that they let their legs do a lot of the work. The bird will often start flight in a run-and-jump fashion a few times to build up momentum. From there, they finally launch, but they don’t go very high.

Eight metres seems to be the answer here when it comes to how high peacocks can fly.

More Importantly, How Far Can Peacocks Fly?

Peacocks cannot fly very far at all. In fact, the main reason that peacocks fly is to jump into trees so they can escape being a meal.

With that said, peacocks are known to fly up to a mile if they need to. They usually won’t usually fly unless they’re avoiding danger and threats. Other reasons for these birds to fly is if they are crossing an obstacle such as exceedingly rough terrain or a river, and they also roost at night so they use their flying skills to jump up into trees to sleep safely.

They May Not Be Graceful But They Sure Look Majestic In A Photo!

With their long tail feathers and their tendency to only fly on occasion, their flying can look super awkward. However, that doesn’t stop them from looking majestic in photos!

Here are a few pics for you to appreciate the glorious peacock in flight.

flying peacock
Image: @nikonfun on Instagram
flying peacock
Image: @hari_wildlife_photography on Instagram
flying peacock
Image: @mr.sai_27 on Instagram
flying peacock
Image: @theearth00007 on Instagram
flying peacock
Image: @beingtraveler on Instagram

We hope you enjoyed these pics of the beautiful bird that not many people know can take flight. Make sure to also check out these flowers that look like birds. Mother Nature is truly the most amazing creator!

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