Foals’ Yannis Philippakis Apologizes for Mental Health Comments

After his "It's a Blessing To be On Tour" comments sparked some controversy

Foals’ frontman Yannis Philippakis took to twitter this week to resolve a statement he made about the challenges of touring in an interview.

Speaking to The Line Of Best Fit, Yannis made some comments about musicians who talk about the physical and metal toll touring takes on a person. “I’ve read some of those articles,” he said, “[and] they really pissed me off. It’s a blessing to be on stage. There’s so many people who would kill to be doing what some of those whingers are doing”.

Speaking indirectly about recent interviews by Kate Nash and by members of The Vaccines, he continues “You need to understand that if you’re musician and you go out on tour, it takes its toll on you – quite right too. I fucking love that we get to go and experience the oblivion of the road.”

However, Yannis was forced to take to twitter to clarify some of those comments. He explains “I have the upmost sympathy for sufferers of mental illness” after some said he was being insensitive towards musicians struggling with mental illnesses on the road. “I was trying to attack the culture of complaining & ignorance around touring NOT people with mental health issues who may/may not be on tour.”

He says “I hope I made myself clear & people have trust in me to realize i wouldn’t demean / belittle something as close to my heart as [Mental Health].”

(Image Courtesy of Halle Stoutzenberger via Flickr)