Foo Fighters Tease Nirvana ‘Reunion’ For Cal Jam Fest This Weekend

Dave Grohl and Co. teasing a formal reunion with Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear, and guests

Foo Fighters are set to host Cal Jam Fest this weekend in San Bernardino, California. Dave Grohl and Co. are promising some surprises, one of which appears to be a Nirvana reunion of sorts. Both rock queen Joan Jett and John McAuley of Deer Tick are scheduled for appearances at the festival… they were also participants in the 2014 reunion at a Nirvana Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction afterparty.

Two tweets from Foo Fighters official Twitter account indicate that another reunion could be in store for this weekend. One post from Wednesday teased some surprises for the festival, while a later tweet featured footage of McAuley performing In Utero opener “Serve The Servants” with Nirvana alumni in 2014.

Former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear will be on hand to perform with Foo Fighters, while bassist Krist Novoselic’s band Giants in the Trees are scheduled to play the festival as well.

All signs point to some live Nirvana songs sans Kurt Cobain this weekend.