Foo Fighters Troll Fans With Fake Breakup Announcement

They 'Foo'led us all

For the past couple days following a Page Six report that the there was “tension” between Foo Fighters band members Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl, many were speculating that the band were moments away from breaking up.

After Grohl’s solo performance at the Oscars and Grammys, the rumors started to gain some momentum. A video then emerged of Taylor Hawkins “confirming” the hiatus, saying:

“We’re on ihateus right now, we’re on an indefinite ihateus. That’s not because we don’t love each other, or don’t want to make music together. We did so much in the last five or six years. We as a band could go into the studio tomorrow and have just as much fun as we ever had, but I think that the world needs a break from us for a little while.”

Then a mysterious tweet emerged from the band’s Twitter Wednesday, saying an announcement was coming later:

But as it turns out, they were trolling us all.

Foo Fighters posted a video to their YouTube later Wednesday playing around with the concept of Grohl going solo. In the video the band begins their search for a new lead singer, eventually settling on an unlikely frontman, Nick Lachey.


The video ends with a blunt message, confirming the whole thing was a long-running ruse.


Watch the entire clip in the player above.