Food for Thought: The Latest Food Trends In Toronto

Exploring the city's trendiest new eats

What’s in store for 2017? Filipino fare is taking over, vegan Big Macs, and dairy’s comeback is upon us for starters. Keep tabs on the amazing eats below to stay up on your trend game.

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Filipino Soul Food

Who couldn’t use an extra little bit of soul? There is a new bumper crop of restaurants spreading the love with a flavourful menu of Filipino fare, and the offerings are as scenic as they are sumptuous. Check out these new (and new-ish) hot spots:


Location: 1285 Bloor Street West



Location: 35 Baldwin Street



Location: 643 St. Clair Avenue West


Vegan Comfort Food

Now, this is a movement everybody can get behind. More and more vegan spots are popping up throughout the city, offering ethical alternatives to longstanding favourites like turkey, burgers, ice cream and chilli. Luckily, this trend shows no sign of slowing down, especially with the recent introduction of L.A. based Doomie’s in Parkdale. Nutritional value aside (there is probably none), this hipster haven has become more than just a late night go-to for pre-hangover chow. You can grab a vegan Big Mac, ‘shroom fries or nachos on Foodora during daylight hours, or stop in any day of the week (noon to midnight, mostly). It may be far from fine dining, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Location: 1056 Bloor Street West



Location: 310 College St



Location: 1263 Queen Street West



Some take their crust game very seriously—and rightfully so. But what if you just want a simple Friday night slice in a lively, well-lit environment? Fortunately, the struggle is no longer real, as one hip pie-house after another continues to pop up. The coolest new joint that should make your 2017 must-list is Superpoint. An expansive Ossington bar complete with craft beers, organic wines and everything in between—not to mention a smattering of intimate tables in the front (and back)—all but guarantee a good time. Oh, and amazing pizza. Newer favourites like Pi-Co, Pizzeria Libretto and recently added locations from North of Brooklyn are also keeping this scrumptious tradition alive.


Location: 184 Ossington Avenue



Location: 1200 BAY ST

A photo posted by Pi Co. Pizza (@pi_co_pizza) on



Location: 550 DanForth Ave

A photo posted by Perla (@ctl98) on



For those who have yet to jump aboard the dairy bandwagon, please educate yourself on the intoxicating flavour and versatility of this super trendy Italian starter. Essentially a giant ball of soft cheese, burrata (when served correctly), is a carefully blended mix of mozzarella and stracciatella cheeses, cream and butter—the texture and taste of which makes bocconcini seem like a stack of Kraft Singles. Here are some spots where you can sample this heavenly dish:


Location: 1265 Dundas Street West

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Buca/Bar Buca

Location: 604 King Street West / 75 Portland Avenue

A photo posted by Buca (@bucatoronto) on



Location: 522 King Street West

A photo posted by Cibo Wine Bar (@cibo_winebar) on


Ascari Enoteca

Location: 1111 Queen Street East

A photo posted by Lisa Ferguson (@lferguson) on



Location: 243 King Street East


The Best New Restaurants

You need to check out the city’s latest additions!

Oakwood Hardware

Location: 337 Oakwood Avenue



Location: 50 Clinton Street

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Location: King Street West

A photo posted by Baro (@barotoronto) on



Location: 1595 Dupont Street

A photo posted by Angolino (@angolinoresto) on



Location: 176 Yonge Street



Location: 804 Danforth Avenue



Location: 1214 Dundas Street West

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