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Ford Urges Drivers of Recalled 2006 Rangers to ‘Stop Driving…Immediately’

Ford are recalling more than 2,900 Ranger Pickups, 190 of which are in Canada, after two deaths were linked to defective Takata airbag inflators.

Ford issued a statement asking drivers of the recalled vehicles to “stop driving…Immediately.”

“We take this matter very seriously and are advising owners of these specific 2006 Ford Rangers to stop driving their vehicles so dealers can make repairs immediately.”

The motor company said they became aware of the issue when they were notified of two fatalitiies that were caused by the driver airbag inflator ruptures. In a crash that occurred on July 1st in West Virginia, Ford inspectors found the inflator ruptured resulting in the driver’s death. The first fatality occurred on January of 2016 with a similar airbag built on the same day at a North American facility.

According to the report, the airbags are being recalled due to “propellant degradation” that can rupture the airbag inflator. “If the airbag is deployed, a ruptured inflator can send parts toward the vehicle occupants, resulting in injury or death.”

Takata says the recall affects more than 125 million units worldwide, at 19 different car manufacturers. The faulty inflators have been linked to 20 deaths and many more injuries. To find out if your vehicle is affected, check here.

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