Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic praises Trump for ‘strong and direct’ speech

Bassist facing backlash in the wake of George Floyd protests

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic took to his Facebook page earlier this week to praise Donald Trump’s “strong and direct” tone in a speech where he threatended to deploy the military on US citizens and declared himself a “law and order President.”

Novoselic, who faced a mountain of immediate backlash, has since set his page to private.

“Wow!!! I know many of you can’t stand him, however, Trump knocked it out of the park with this speech,” Novoselic wrote.

“Social media and television are looping images of societal breakdown. I agree, the president should not be sending troops into states – and he legally might not be able to anyway – nevertheless, his tone in this speech is strong and direct.”

Trump called on US governors to lean on the National Guard to end the protests taking place across the country, stating that he would call in the full power of the military to “end the protests now” if states failed to comply.

The president’s speech has drawn widespread criticism for sowing more division and inciting racial violence and attacks on peaceful protestors.

Image via Flickr/David Lee