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Forthcoming ‘Breaking Bad’ movie will be a direct sequel to the series, set to premiere on Netflix

Some more insight into Vince Gilligan’s forthcoming Breaking Bad movie has finally arrived!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the full-length film is set to pick up where the series left off, following Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) after he escapes from the white supremacists’ compound at the end of season five.

Gilligan, who created the original Breaking Bad series, wrote and directed the film himself, and production is rumoured to be wrapping up in New Mexico later this month. The film is supposed to have an initial premiere on Netflix, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It will then air on AMC, the home of the original show’s five-season run.

There is no release date yet, but a leaked cast list revealed what cast members will be joining Paul in the highly anticipated movie. The film is rumoured to feature Bryan Cranston (Walter White himself), Krysten Ritter (Jane), Jonathan Banks (Mike), Charles Baker (Skinny Pete), Jesse Plemons (Todd), Robert Forster (Ed), Matt Jones (Badger), Tess Harper (Mrs. Pinkman), and Kevin Rankin (Kenny).

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