Foster The People have doubled down on their Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories

The band has been sharing Epstein-related conspiracy theories on Twitter

This weekend, Jeffrey Epstein, who was arrested last month based on federal child sex trafficking charges, was found dead in his New York jail cell.

Billionaire financier Epstein had allegedly died by suicide, and had been on suicide watch after an attempt three weeks prior. Because of Epstein’s connections to powerful people like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, many people have been speculating on conspiracy theories, including indie rock’s very own Foster The People.

The artists have been sharing a bunch of Epstein-related conspiracy theories on Twitter, stating that Epstein was really alive and that a dead body double was placed in his cell so that Epstein could get cosmetic surgery in order to hide his identity from the public. After the tweet storm, Foster The People doubled down on their suspicions last night when they called out news outlets, stating that “more than ever artists need to speak up.”

Check out Foster The People’s conspiracy theories below.