This Person Found A Black Widow In a Head of Broccoli They Bought in Toronto

Better not buy any veggies now just to be safe

This past Saturday, Reddit user Blankorison found a strange specimen in the head of broccoli they had just purchased from a FreshCo in Toronto.

black widow spider? found inside broccoli crown bought form Freshco Toronto from r/toronto

Now if I was them, I would’ve just put the broccoli back in the bag and called it a day, but Blankorison had a different approach. They posted their finding to Reddit, which had people going nuts. The comments were filled with all sorts of statements, from what to do if it were to bite you to people completely writing themselves off of broccoli for the year.

Blankorison has been keeping all of us in the loop since Saturday, and its been pretty entertaining. The next update was something no one suspected – the spider was now their pet and the user needed name suggestions. The comments were filled with “Name it Freshie!” or “Code 4060” (Broccoli.) However, we’ve still been left hanging, waiting for the final decision.

Broccoli black widow update. She is a pet now, name suggestions? from r/toronto

Regardless of everything, Blankorison was obviously still going to contact the CFIA office. When they did, they got a rather vague response. They were told to contact the CFIA office closest to them. I guess it’s a waiting game now!