Frank Ocean Hints At Impending Album Release, Yet Again

Frankly, this is getting old

It feels like we’ve been in this situation many times before: Frank Ocean has hinted the release of this Channel Orange follow-up, Boys Don’t Cry is coming very soon.

Ocean took to his ever-popular Tumblr account late last week posting a cryptic image titled “Late”. The image depicts a number of past dates on a library card, with two dates listed for the future.


The day number of July 2016 is illegible, but the date November 13th 2016 is clear enough to make out.

In the past, Frank Ocean has held alleged listening parties of new music, his producer hinted at a June release and most recently was revealed to be working with James Blake on the new record.

Will Frank Ocean actually release new music any time soon? Let’s try to be optimistic with a heavy sense of skepticism.