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Frank Ocean Debuts New Visual Album ‘Endless’

It has finally happened. Frank Ocean has gifted the world with the release of sweet new music.

Late Thursday night (August 18) Frank Ocean streamed a visual album to his website boysdontcry.co, that depicts himself and two other dopplegangers building a staircase. The film, titled Endless, was accompanied by twelve never been heard before tracks.

This follows rumour after rumour that Frank Ocean would follow up 2012’s Channel Orange in 2016. Most recently, Ocean posted photos to his website indicating a new record would drop on August 5th. After he failed to release new music, many fans became vocal about the cat-and-mouse game Ocean seemed to be playing with his audience.

The visual album, Endless has been reported to be one of two projects set to be released this week. Rolling Stone has stated that Endless is a different project than his highly anticipated sophomore studio, presumably titled Boys Don’t Cry. It is reported that it’s expected release is coming next week, but perhaps under another name.

Endless can be viewed through Apple.


Photo Courtesy of Frank Ocean’s Official Website

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