Frank Oz, the voice of Grover, says the ‘Sesame Street’ muppet did not drop an F-bomb

Did Grover say 'that’s a f--king excellent idea'?

Move over Yanni and Laurel, there’s a new auditory illusion on the block. Debate was running high over the holidays as a clip of Sesame Street muppet Grover appeared to feature him dropping an F-bomb.

Some viewers believed they heard Grover utter the line “Yes, yes, that’s a fucking excellent idea,” while others heard “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.” It was quite far-fetched to believe that the kids’ character would actually drop an F-bomb, not to mention the Broadcast Standards and Practices issues that would stem from such an incident.

Watch the clip below and listen for yourself.

Frank Oz, who has voiced Grover for over 40 years, took to Twitter to dispute the claim that his character would say such a thing.

So there you have it, the man behind the muppet has spoken. Still, it made for a hilarious debate.