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Frank Turner is all about ‘staying true to your artistic ideals’ on new single ‘Non Serviam’

Frank Turner has shared a new single, “Non Serviam.”

The uncompromising track comes from his forthcoming album, FTHC, out February 11th via Xtra Mile Recordings / Polydor. It’s a blasting, hardcore new single that you’re sure to rip right through. Lyrically, “Non Serviam” is all about standing behind what you believe in.

“My new record, FTHC, is a punk rock record, and when I say that I’m not kidding,” Turner explains. “This is the first song from the album, a song about staying true to your artistic ideals, standing firm for the things you believe in.”

Listen to “Non Serviam” below.

FTHC marks Turner’s first new album since 2019’s No Man’s Land. In addition to “Non Serviam,” FTHC also features previously released singles “The Gathering” and “Haven’t Been Doing So Well.”

Frank Turner recorded FTHC at ARC (Abbey Recording Studios), and it was produced by Rich Costey. From the hardcore blast, “Non Serviam,” to the genre-bending “The Gathering,” this album will definitely take you on a journey. FTHC serves as a sort of mini autobiography that captures Turner’s memories, while pushing him to move forward.

You can pre-order FTHC here or check out the tracklist below.

FTHC Tracklist:

01 – “Non Serviam”
02 – “The Gathering”
03 – “Haven’t Been Doing So Well”
04 – “Untainted Love”
05 – “Fatherless”
06 – “My Bad”
07 – “Miranda”
08 – “A Wave Across a Bay”
09 – “The Resurrectionists”
10 – “Punches”
11 – “Perfect Score”
12 – “The Work”
13 – “Little Life”
14 – “Farewell to My City”

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