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Franz Ferdinand and Sparks Detail Debut Collaborative Album

Hot off the heels of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks announcing that they’d be joining forces and creating a super band called FFS, they have announced that their debut self-titled album will drop June 8, and shared the retro-inspired track “Piss Off.” It will close out the upcoming album.

“Piss Off” reminds us of 70s/80s David Bowie with its playful background music, but the lyrics basically tell everyone to go away. It’s much more upbeat and poppy than Franz Ferdinand’s usual sound, but lead singer Alex Kapranos’ voice is unmistakable.

Check out “Piss Off” and the FFS track listing below:

Track Listing (via Exclaim!):
1. Johnny Delusional
2. Call Girl
3. Dictator’s Son
4. Little Guy From The Suburbs
5. Police Encounters
6. Save Me From Myself
7. So Desu Ne
8. The Man Without A Tan
9. Thing I Won’t Get
10. The Power Couple
11. Collaborations Don’t Work
12. Piss Off

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