Fred Armisen Gifted His Drum Set To Seaway After They Were Robbed

A much-needed boost from the SNL and Portlandia actor

The pop-punk band Seaway from Oakville, Ontario has had it rough on the touring circuit. A disaster for some bands would be getting robbed one time. For Seaway, they’ve had their gear stolen six times now. There are no words to describe how defeated they’re feeling.

Seaway has been recording a new record in LA, a follow-up to their excellent 2015 sophomore record Colour Blind, when their trailer was stolen out of the driveway of the Airbnb they were staying at. Drummer Ken Taylor explains to Indie88, “we lost a TON of gear in the theft, including my entire drum kit. We were all incredibly bummed out and spent the evening filling out police reports, making calls, and trying our best not to have a complete mental breakdown.”

Taylor attended a comedy special that Fred Armisen and Joe Wong (who does a podcast for drummers called The Trap Set) put on. They were serious about it being for drummers only as “everyone who attended had to do a paradiddle at the door just to get in,” Taylor explained. After a rough few days of dealing with their gear being stolen, Taylor got chatting to the SNL and Portlandia actor Fred Armisen after the special and thanked him for giving him some much-needed laughs after an awful few days.

Thinking nothing of his small side-note to Armisen, Taylor tells Indie88 how it all went down:

“The following morning I woke up to an email from Joe Wong from the Trap Set Podcast asking if I had mentioned to Fred that my drum kit was stolen. After a few emails and a quick call from Joe, he told me that Fred wanted to give me one of his drum kits, that he felt terrible about what had happened, and that he wanted to help out because he knows what it is like to be in a touring band. The next thing I know I’m in the van on the way to Fred’s office, which ended up being the Portlandia office – in the middle of a writing session. Fred showed us around, introduced us to the writing staff and Carrie Brownstein, and then gifted me one of the drum kits he had used on stage the night before, a beautiful sparkle blue Shine Custom kit, along with some hardware, cases and a cymbal.”

What a fantastic pick-me-up for a band giving it their everything. Fred only asked the Seaway drummer that he tries to pay it forward and help someone else out when they are down.

Seaway has a new t-shirt on sale to help offset the $20,000 in losses or you can PayPal them money to