Indie88 Premiere: Freedom Baby Share ‘Video Daydream’

Toronto couple band sharing music together

Toronto boyfriend/girlfriend duo Freedom Baby are sharing a new single today, titled “Video Daydream.”

Eric and Brianna met back in 2013 at a show where they were both performing. After falling in love with each others album collection and subsequently each other, the pair decided in 2016 to put their love to the test and try making music together.

“Video Daydream” came about when Eric and Brianna were experimenting with orchestral elements and electronic sounds. The result is a dreamy and melancholic track that would be the perfect score for a film about budding summertime love.

Here’s what they had to say about the song:

We arranged the song with a Snakes & Ladder game board as our blueprint. Each melody and instrument snakes and climbs from one place to another and each time you play something new is going to reveal itself. It’s that feeling you get after waking from a dream, when the world hasn’t yet come back into focus and a thousand thoughts swirl around your head at once.

Catch Freedom Baby at The Monarch Tavern on August 18th with Basement Revolver, check here for more details.