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Freedom Mobile Is Offering That Unreal 10GB Plan Again

Last month, Freedom mobile sparked a competition between mobile carriers when they launched a 10GB plan for $60. Shortly after, Rogers, Telus, Bell and Fido came out with their own version of the plan for $60, putting existing customers into a frenzy. Desperate for a good deal, many spent hours waiting on hold with customer service.

Freedom mobile has now brought back the plan for a second time, offering unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited text and a whopping 10GB of data for $60.

Cell phone plans have been getting more and more expensive as of late, in a time where mobile data is being consumed at higher rates than ever. In a report released by the CRTC, Canadians’ wireless data usage increased nearly 25% between 2015 and 2016.

According to a federal government-commissioned report, Canadians spend more money on cell phone plans than any industrialized country in the world. The report also indicated that the average monthly price of a Canadian plans with unlimited calling and 5 GB of data is now $104.49. Considering Freedom Mobile’s plan is nearly half the cost of that average for double the data, there’s no question Canadians will flock to any opportunity to get a more reasonable rate.

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