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French Scientists Will Pay 24 Men $22K to Lay in Bed for 60 days

Gentlemen, get your jam-jams packed, NASA needs you! French scientists are searching for answers regarding microgravity, which means research and lots of it.

24 men are needed to conduct this experiment — 24 men who are willing to perform all bodily functions in bed for 60 days. This doesn’t sound too shabby, right? I mean, most of us dream of laying in bed all day anyway, yet being stationed at the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology for 60 days straight not being able to move might be a tad more challenging than it seems. Maybe the 22k (€16,000) would make it worth while?

This experiment will allow these French scientists to look into the state of being virtually weightless. Here are the skills required to apply:

-No allergies
-Willing to undergo two, two-week tests before and after two months in bed
-Willing to lay on their back for two months with minimal movement
-Able to perform all bodily functions while laying on back

Dr Arnaud Beck sat down with 20 Minutes to explain the recent job posting and meaning behind the experiment.

“During the first two weeks, our scientists will do a whole series of tests and measurements on the volunteers. This will be followed by a 60-day period during which they must remain in bed, the head slightly inclined downwards at less than six degrees.”

“The rule is to keep at least one shoulder in contact with the bed or its frame.”

Think you have what it takes? You can apply here.

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