Freshii CEO Proposes a Partnership with Subway

The growing franchise published an open letter to Subway on their website

Subway has been embroiled in a bout of controversy in recent months, but Canadian healthy fast-food chain Freshii thinks they can turn the sandwich giant’s declining customer base around.

The Toronto-based fast food franchise that aims to “provide fresh and nutritious meal choices that energize people on the go” sees Subway’s decrease in popularity as an opportunity, and recently published an open letter to Subway entitled “Dear Subway…Love, Freshii” on their website.

Freshii founder and CEO, Matthew Corrin, proposes in the letter that Subway convert their less popular locations into Freshii stores.

“Let’s explore a partnership in which we together convert select Subway stores to Freshii restaurants in a quick, low-cost way,” reads the letter. “Let’s continue to change the way the world eats, together.”

We know you are no stranger to growth. You have nearly 44,000 restaurants globally. That’s more than either McDonald’s or Starbucks. But too much of anything can be unhealthy. Respected restaurant industry analysts agree that Subway has overdeveloped its retail base, with too many restaurants chasing fewer customers. Industry analysts have said they believe Subway would be better off with 30,000 restaurants—still enough to dominate your niche, but with larger territories that would enable all your franchise partners to grow and prosper.

Read the full letter here.