Freshly Pressed

Take a look at new long plays from Alvvays, Arkells, Bleachers, Jenny Lewis, La Roux, PS I Love You, and Spoon

Freshly Pressed is a monthly feature highlighting interesting and noteworthy album releases.

In this edition we get a highly anticipated debut record from a Toronto quintet, a group of Hamiltonians dropped their first record after going through some changes, and some Texas legends show us they’ve still got it.

spoon they want my soul
Spoon – They Want My Soul | iTunes
These guys hadn’t released an album since 2010’s Transference. The hype surrounding They Want My Soul continued to grow after releasing a few cuts. The record is a total success, they take all their strengths and combine it for 10 tracks of Spoony goodness.

Arkells – High Noon | iTunes
This is the first record the band released since recruiting new keyboardist Anthony Carone, but he’s immediately gelled with the band. They went back to their hometown of Hamilton to record the majority of this album. They wear their influences on their sleeve for this LP but still manage to have their own sound, citing Don Henley and Dire Straits as having a big impact on them. High Noon is another example of why Arkells execute modern soul perfectly.
jenny lewis
Jenny Lewis – The Voyager | iTunes
The third solo album to come from Jenny Lewis, The Voyager finds a balance of happy and heartache. Though the music behind the words can come across as straight pop, the lyrics have derived from troubled times like family, loss, and insomnia.

Alvvays – Alvvays | iTunes
It’s been a long time coming for the Toronto-based band Alvvays, but at last their debut record has arrived. It was recorded with Chad VanGaalen at his studio, and they noted his old analog equipment as a big help maintaining their sound. It’s a pop record, with a laid back 60s sound with dark subversive undertones.

Bleachers – Strange Desire | iTunes
Fun. band member Jack Antonoff took a break to focus on his own project Bleachers and the result is a treat for your ears. Sometimes the music you want to make doesn’t always match up with the band your in, and that’s why solo projects take off. In this instance, it sounds like Antonoff was looking for a more pop-punk sounding album, and he achieved a nice blend of that.
PS. I Love You – For Those Who Stay | iTunes
The third record from two piece Kingstonians PS. I Love You, For Those Who Stay is a little more aggressive and rough around the edges, but sparkles with production. The lyrics seem to deal with singer Paul Saulnier’s thoughts on the uncertainties of life and the emotions that come along with it. Fuzzy guitars and a garage rock atmosphere fill the LP. It’s something you won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on.
La Roux
La Roux – Trouble in Paradise | iTunes
Upon listening to this album, it instantly has a familiar La Roux feel to it even though her longtime partner/producer Ben Langmaid left the project, leaving Elly Jackson as the sole member. The slick and polished sounds of her infectious beats make it very listenable. Jackson seems to slow things down and let the music exhale before inhaling back the boisterous energy La Roux is known for.