It’s Friday the 13th so here are strangest superstitions we found on the Internet

What's your superstition?

Whether you say you believe in superstitions or not, chances are you play it safe when it really comes down to it. Walking under ladders, opening an umbrella in the house, seeing black cats etc., all pretty standard rules we follow without question. But what makes these superstitions ‘normal’? On this fine Friday the 13th, take a look at the strangest superstitions that didn’t make it big.

Carrying around acorns keeps you looking young
The oak tree is supposedly a sign of longevity, that’s why women would carry around acorns in ancient Britain so stay looking young.

A bird in your house signifies death
Sorry Tweety bird, you gotta go.

If you drop an umbrella on the floor there will be a murder in the house
Don’t open it in the house, don’t drop it… maybe we should just keep our umbrellas outside.


(Photo by Shaylor via Flickr)

An awkward silence means an Angel is passing over
Make sure to say that on your next first date after an awkward silence. I’m sure it wont make it any less awkward.

Only go to the hospital on a Wednesday
Next time you plan on breaking your wrist, do it on a Wednesday. According to an old wives tale Wednesday is the best day to go to the hospital, whereas Saturday is the worse and means you’ll be back again soon.

Pass your newborn baby through a rind of cheese
In medieval times, expecting families would make a ‘Groaning Cheese’ that starts the maturing process for the same nine-month period as the baby. Once the child is born, the family shares the wheel of cheese except the rind, which the baby is passed through. Do they know how much a wheel of cheese costs?


(Photo by Tavallai via Flickr)

You’ll become rich If a bird craps on your house
Russian folkore says bird shit is a sign of riches to come. The more birds the better too. Just keep it away from the car, okay?

Want to have kids? Don’t eat lettuce.
19th century ‘Plant-lore’ says that lettuce is a sterile plant, therefore men trying to make a family should stay away. Yeah, THAT’S the reason you stay away from salads.

Once you cut a slice from a loaf of bread, never turn it upside down.
What, is the bread monster going to come after me?


(Photo by Brian Brown via Flickr)

Throw out your old broom when you move out and buy a new one
Brooms have a lot of relevance in the superstition world. While it has the obvious implication of witches, in this case the old broom actually signifies the dirt and negativity in your old life. Leave it behind and start “clean”.

Put your thumbs in your pocket while passing a gravesite
In Japan the literal translation for thumb is “parent-finger”, so passing by a gravesite with your thumbs in your pockets means you are protecting your parents.

If a broken clock suddenly goes off, there will be a death in the family
Tell me why you would keep around a bunch of broken clocks around? That’s just a recipe for spooky.


(Photo by Miguel M. Almeida via Flickr)

You should never start a trip on Friday or you will meet misfortune
Sorry to all you weekend warriors. Don’t take my advice, but I’m not waiting until Saturday to start my mini vay-cay for superstitions sake.

Main image courtesy Jehane via Flickr