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Friday’s Video Picks – 2014.07.18

Moving images and sound come to life in this week’s instalment of Friday’s Video Picks. Have a gander with your eyeballs and ears.

Bookie chatted with the guys from Future Islands during their Toronto visit.

Our very own darlin’ Carlin chatted with Mac DeMarco, and found out about his strangest fan experience.

Alt-J gets all ‘Hunger Games’ in their video for their track “Hunger Of the Pine.”

Neko Case and Ellie Kemper get super nerdy in this droid anthem titled “These Aren’t The Droids.”

Lykke Li struts her stuff in a flowy gown and convulses strangely in this video for “Gunshot.”

It’s a Mother Mother sing along.

Jenny Lewis recruited some fiesty females for her video “One Of The Guys.” Yes, this is what females think guys do when they hang out.

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