Friday’s Video Picks

Watch this week's must-see videos from Jessy Lanza, The Wooden Sky, Iron and Wine, Jon Hopkins/Purity Ring, Young Galaxy, & Eight and a Half

This week sees videos from up-and-comer Jessy Lanza, Montreal’s Young Galaxy, a Jon Hopkins and Purity Ring collab, and Arts&Craft’s Eight and a Half. There are also a couple original Indie88 productions: the final episode in The Wooden Sky Traveling Adventure Show is filled with more magical moments, and Iron and Wine casually plays a song in a coffee shop.

1. Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee

This Hamilton sweetheart is about to make a big splash in the Canadian indie scene.

2. The Wooden Sky Traveling Adventure Show (Part 5)

The final part in a five-part series that captures the magic of The Wooden Sky Traveling Adventure Show.

3. Iron and Wine Performs “Such Great Heights” at Balzac’s

Sam Beam was in the neighbourhood and played a new rendition of the classic Postal Service cover, “Such Great Heights”, at Balzac’s Coffee in Liberty Village.

4. Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air feat. Purity Ring

Megan James of Purity Ring adds that special touch to this track. The video is set in stunning nature but is slightly NSFW.

5. Young Galaxy – Sleepwalk With Me

Young Galaxy’s new video is about a nostalgic wartime love story. It’s also animated.

6. Eight and a Half – The Turnaround

The result when members from Broken Social Scene and The Stills come together.