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Frillback Pigeons & Their Fancy, Curly Feathers

Did you know that “pigeon beauty contests” are a thing? Enter the Frillback Pigeon… one of the most coveted and beautiful pigeons in the world! Much like these crazy birds with bangs, frillback pigeons are truly exceptional winged creatures!

Fancy Pigeons With Curly Feathers? Yup — They Exist!

The result of many years of selective breeding, these beautiful pigeons not only have glorious, curly feathers, but also a calm temperament.

As a result, they are highly sought after by pigeon collectors… also known as “pigeon fanciers”.

Where Do Frillback Pigeons Come From?

This fancy, frilly pigeon is thought to have originated somewhere in Asia Minor, where fancy things abound.

This breed is slightly larger than other breeds of pigeon. They have a long tail and wing feathers, and are considered some of the most elegant of fancy pigeon breeds.

They are a hit at pigeon beauty contests all over the world (or at least where such things exist), such as Iraq and Abu Dhabi. P.S. Also fancy: Did you know that you can get gold in a vending machine in Abu Dhabi??

Frillback pigeon
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jiel Beaumadier

What’s With The Curly Feathers?

Frillback pigeon

So why do these pigeons have curly feathers?

The Frillback Pigeon has curly feathers on its wing tips, as well as on its feet feathers. This gives it a very aristocratic look.

According to pigeon research, the feathers are c by two partially dominant morphological modifier genes, given the symbols “Cu1” and “Cu2“, although evidence suggests that a third gene, perhaps one that causes longer feathers, may also be involved.

Can Frillback Pigeons Fly?

Fortunately for these ridiculously good-looking pigeons, they still can fly. Although research online suggests that they prefer to walk. Or perhaps in this case, the appropriate verb would be strut.

Why Breed Frilly Pigeons?

I mean, why breed anything when there are already so many animals and birds that needs homes? But that’s not the question here. 

Frilly pigeons are bred for their appearance, which is sought after by pigeon enthusiasts. Apparently there is officially a sub-culture for everything!

And speaking of breeding, did you know they just discovered a NEW dog breed??

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