Frog Eyes’ New Record Gets A Release Date

After A Rough Couple Of Years, Frog Eyes Will Give Their Record A Proper Release

Two days after Carey Mercer finished the final mixes on Frog Eyes’ upcoming album, his doctor delivered the unfortunate news that he had throat cancer. In 2010, Mercer chose to self-release the record through Bandcamp. Fast forward to present day and things are looking up for Mercer. He won his battle with the disease and what better way to celebrate than to give Carey’s Cold Spring a proper release.

Frog Eyes’ Carey’s Cold Spring will be released on vinyl and CD on June 17th through Paper Bag Records. Give the album a listen here, and view the track listing below:

Carey’s Cold Spring Tracklisting
The Road is Long
The Country Child
Your Holiday Treat
Don’t Give Up Your Dreams
A Needle in the Sun
Noni’s Got a Taste for the Bright Red Air Jordans
A Duration of Starts and Lines that Form Code
Seven Daughters
Claxxon’s Lament