Frontman Tom DeLonge says Angels and Airwaves’ new album is what he imagined for the future of Blink-182

It will be their first new album in seven years

Tom DeLonge has shared that Angels and Airwaves’ new album is what he had envisioned for what Blink-182’s sound would be in the future.

DeLonge had parted ways with bandmate Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker in 2015 to chase down UFOs. Now, Angels and Airwaves are set to release new music and a new album after seven years. DeLonge had gone on to explain that his direction for his current band is what he had originally planned for Blink-182.

DeLonge told NME, “In many ways, what Angels is doing on this next record is kinda what my vision for where I wanted Blink to go in the future was.” He went on to say that he will return to his roots while being progressive for the new LP. The sound is going to be angsty, with loud guitars, electronic elements, and explosive moments.

Angels and Airwaves will be touring in September. For a full list of the tour dates it can be found on their official website link here