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13 Funny Headstone Quotes That Show You Can Go Out On A High Note

The Tradition of Funny Epitaphs: A Lighter Look at Legacy

Epitaphs, the inscriptions on tombstones, have traditionally been solemn reflections of the deceased’s life and virtues. However, some people have chosen a different approach, using humor to leave a lasting impression. This tradition of funny headstone quotes not only reflects the personalities of the departed but also offers a moment of levity for those left behind. Let’s explore the origins and some notable examples of this lighter approach to legacy.

The tradition of humorous epitaphs dates back centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans sometimes used wit and irony in their epitaphs, often to highlight the transient nature of life. This practice continued through the Middle Ages and into modern times, with people using humor to cope with the inevitability of death.

13 Funny Headstone Quotes That Made Us LOL

#1) I Was Hoping For A Pyramid

I Was Hoping For a Pyramid.
Know your worth and insist on nothing less.

#2) That’s All Folks – Mel Blanc’s Funny Headstone Quote


A perfect sign off for the voice of Looney Tunes.

#3) Kay’s Fudge

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You really can take a recipe to your grave.

#4) DEAD

That’s an unusually fun tomb stone
byu/GallowBoob inpics

Straight to the point.

#5) You’re Too Close

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#6) The Great Mystery

Visiting my grandma’s grave and found this on a tombstone nearby.


#7) Without Being Consulted

“I came here without being … ” – Unknown Gravestone. [2125×1588]
byu/seekfear inQuotesPorn

Life in a nutshell.

#8) Just Resting My Eyes

Key West Cemetery
Famous last words.

#9) My Feet Are Killing Me!


No one ever listens!

#10) Well This Sucks

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Yes, yes it does.

#11) The Shell Is Here But The Nut Is Gone

365/365: Epitaph for the Year 2010

Very deep indeed but is it a funny headstone quote? Yes, yes it is.

#12) He Never Killed A Man That Did Not Need Killing

This has to be an old west lawman.

#13) Let ‘Er Rip – Leslie Neilson’s Funny Headstone Quote

Leslie Nielsen

Don’t call him Shirley.

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