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Funny or Die is Claiming Father John Misty stole their video idea

The phrase, “Go f*ck yourself” just took a very literal turn in a bizarre feud between Father John Misty and comedy video website Funny or Die.

FJM released a new music video last week for his song “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment,” portraying him meeting his doppleganger (or literal self) at a bar, then going home together. Funny or Die alleges it’s too closely based on their 2011 video “Go Fuck Yourself,” which features Dave Franco doing essentially the exact same thing.

In the Funny or Die sketch, Franco runs into himself at a bar and the pair end up going home together after an evening of drinks and “excited eyes.” FJM’s video uses the same concept, which FJM admitted to on Twitter.

In their post, which was published on Sept. 24, Funny or Die goes through a shot-by-shot analysis outlining exactly where FJM’s creative infringements occur.

“Father John Misty’s new music video … is all about a guy who meets himself at a bar for some drinks then takes himself home for a night of hot sex,” Funny or Die wrote. “Sound familiar? It should. We made a video with Dave Franco in 2011 called “Go Fuck Yourself” that’s the same exact plot.”

Watch both videos below and decide for yourself.


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