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Fyre Fest Organizer Reportedly Spent $150K on a Yacht for Blink-182

The follies of disgraced Fyre Fest organizer Billy McFarland continue to provide laughs, even as we approach the one-year anniversary of the failed music event’s botched launch. McFarland is back in the news while he’s facing fraud charges, this time for documents obtained by the New York Post that help explain where all that money went.

Fyre Fest promised a private island, yachts, prime beach camping tents with comfy beds, supermodels everywhere, a $100,000 scavenger hunt with cash hidden around the island, and so much more. Instead, the failed event left attendees stranded with no food, shelter, or entertainment. According to the documents, McFarland had promised to provide Blink-182 with their own yacht, which would cost him $150,000.

Blink-182 pulled the plug on their appearance, fearing that they wouldn’t have everything the required to pull off the gig. Guitarist Matt Skiba joked last summer that he sabotaged Fyre Fest using witchcraft, but it turns out McFarland’s penchant for spending with Reckless Abandon ultimately derailed the festival.

McFarland pleaded not guilty to two counts of wire fraud and two counts of manufacturing false bank statements in October.

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