Fyre Festival Fraud Billy Mcfarland Charged For Selling Fake Tickets Again on Bail

We're not surprised

This may or may not come as a shock to you, but on June 12th, Billy McFarland was charged for scamming 15 customers out of $100,000 while on bail.

Last year, McFarland was charged with two counts of wire fraud related to Fyre Festival. He was arrested in June of last year and released on $300,000 bail. In March of this year, he appeared in court and plead guilty to both charges of wire fraud. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for next week.

In June of last year, after being charged on two accounts of fraud in relation to Fyre Festival, McFarland was arrested and released on $300,000 bail. In March of this year, he plead guilty in court to both charges.

According to a statement from Manhattan prosecutors, McFarland was found running a fraudulent ticket service called “NYC VIP Access” shortly after his previous charges for Fyre Festival. In attempt to conceal himself, he used another employee’s email address to send money to other financial accounts.

The company operated from late 2017 until March. The false tickets sold were to exclusive events like the Met Gala, Burning Man, Coachella, and The Grammys. When customers showed up at the events they were turned away at the door.

McFarland’s sentencing for the wire fraud he plead guilty to occurs this week. Charges have a maximum of 20-year sentences each.