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‘Game of Thrones’ fan lightens dragon battle scene after complaints that the episode was ‘too dark’

A Game of Thrones fan has edited and enhanced the dragon battle, a key scene from this week’s episode, after viewers complained that the original was “too dark.”

Several fans voiced their frustrations this week after watching the third installment of the series’ final season, which featured the Battle of Winterfell as its key component. The scene was reported to be one of the longest, most expensive battle scenes ever depicted in television and film, but a chunk of the latest chapter took place after dark, making it difficult for viewers to follow the action on screen.

Now, a fan has taken matters into their own hands by uploading a video they edited on Reddit, making for a brighter, slowed-down edition of the dragon scene. Check out the edited scene below.

[SPOILERS] S08E03 Fight of the dragons – brightness UP, speed DOWN from r/gameofthrones

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