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Garlic Coke: Is It Real Or Just A Hoax?

Thirsty? How About A Garlic Coke??

Garlic Coke… is it possible?

Did Coca-Cola, one of the best-selling beverages on the planet, really create a garlic flavoured version of its fizzy classic called Coca Cola Garlic? Or is it just a hoax?

garlic coke
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Is Garlic Coke A Real Flavor You Can Get??

Actually, no. Garlic Coke is not a real flavour you can get.

However, there’s a place in Japan called Aomori, which is known as the garlic capital of Japan. Also known as “Garlic Town”, this city harvests a massive amount of garlic every year. Because of this, local companies have taken to creating garlic flavours of different foods and drinks. Whether or not garlic should be added to them is totally debatable.

Two of the notable garlic-flavoured foods/drinks that have come out of Aomori are garlic beer, and garlic ice cream. Beer, I can understand. Inherently savoury, I can see how garlic lovers would want to try a garlic-flavoured beer. However, garlic ice cream? Reminds me of my friend’s pickle ice cream post on her pickle-inspired Instagram account. Ew.

Anyways, in addition to ice cream and beer, another garlic star to rise in Aomori is garlic-flavoured cola. Known locally as “Jats Takkola”, they released the drink to the public in 2015. It consists of cola mixed with finely ground garlic.

For those obsessed with garlic enough to give this a try, the company that made it suggests turning the bottle gently before consuming. That way, you can evenly distribute the garlic chunks for drinking, without evenly distributing them all over yourself when you open the bottle.

The makers say that the drink is just as yummy as regular cola, only there’s a pleasant aftertaste of garlic.

I didn’t know that an aftertaste of garlic could be pleasant! Especially when consumed inside a sugary beverage. Who knew?

5 More Weird Coke Flavours

1) Coffee Coke

coffee coke
Image: @lucian.s.photography on Instagram

Even though there is already caffeine in Coca-Cola from the kola nut, makers of Coke decided to create a coffee-flavoured version. They launched the product in 2006, but it didn’t go over well. The company discontinued it a year later, however it appears they’ve re-launched with a different twist: Coca-Cola with Coffee, which comes in a dark blend, as well as vanilla and caramel flavours.

Each can has 69 mg of caffeine, so that should keep you going.

2) Green Tea Coke

garlic coke
Image: @lawrencejaijai on Instagram

Originally launched in Japan in 2009, Green Tea Coca-Cola was marketed towards health-conscious cola drinkers. A truly Japanese flavour of the world-famous cola, it featured antioxidants and green tea flavour.

3) Raspberry Coke

garlic coke
Image: @lawrencejaijai on Instagram

Raspberry Coke. This is one that I could get behind. It was launched in New Zealand on a trial basis in 2005, but was discontinued before the end of the year. Supposedly neither the sugar or the sugar-free version of this flavour is available anymore.

4) Ginger Coke

garlic coke
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This is also one that I can see tasting good. Coca Cola launched a version of Ginger Coke in Australia in November 2016. However, it also appears that they released a version in China as well, but the dates are unclear. It was a limited edition flavour, and is no longer available in stores.

5) Orange Coke

garlic coke
Image: @aey.pakorn on Instagram

Coca Cola Orange is supposedly available in Latvia and Russia. The person who took the image above, however, was in Thailand. It seems there are a number of places on the globe you can get Coca-Cola Orange.

Keep your eyes open for different flavours of Coke! It looks like the Coca-Cola company does tests and trials here and there. You never know… you could score a limited edition flavour and that would be kinda cool.

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