George Costanza has been Transformed into Pop Culture Icons

An artist has created a series of cartoons of Costanza’s face in different looks

Is there anybody who doesn’t connect with George Costanza on a deep spiritual level?

The self-proclaimed “Lord of the Losers” character from Seinfeld has been gone too long, so artist Nicko Phillips decided to bring him back in all sorts of ways.

Phillips is a graphic designer, and his latest work is a series of cartoons of George Costanza’s — or Jason Alexander’s — face with different hair and accessories. So far he’s done everyone from Nicki Minaj to Mrs. Doubtfire to Mike Tyson to David Bowie.

Check out some of our favourites below and take a look at the full series on Phillips’ Instagram.

Day 2. George's World. Party on George! #30DaysOfCostanza #Seinfeld #Costanza #CantStandYa #WaynesWorld

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