Get all the Tabasco Sauce you can, the island it comes from is sinking

'This is more than a business: this is our home'

Get ready for some soul-crushing news: Tabasco sauce may be the next casualty of Global Warming.

Tabasco sauce originated in the Louisiana marsh on a tiny stretch of land called Avery Island, where the first pepper used to make the tangy hot sauce was discovered. The island has sat at 163 feet above sea level for the last 150 years, but now, rising waters are threatening the island and forcing residents to rethink their homes.

“It does worry us, and we are working hard to minimize the land loss,” Tabasco owner Tony Simmons explained to The Guardian. “We want to protect the marsh because the marsh protects us.”

While the pepper can be grown elsewhere, the Simmons have owned and run the company from Avery Island for years, and Tony does not want to uproot his family legacy. “We don’t think it will come to that, but we are working to do everything we can to make sure it won’t happen to us,” Simmons stated. “I mean, we could make Tabasco somewhere else. But this is more than a business: this is our home.”

Soon, the company may not have a choice, as the island’s surrounding marshes that have protected it are receding by almost 30 feet every single year. On top of that, the island itself is sinking slowly at a rate of about a third of an inch every year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, if the sea level increases by only two feet, the entire island will sink below water level except for its highest peak.

So prepare yourselves, because a Tabasco drought may be on the way.